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    NPM reporting 0 bps but netflow is showing data passing interface


      Hello Everyone


      So I just setup a new point to point layer 2 service to handle our replication traffic.  This is layer 2 service but am routing over the link.   The way this is done with Cisco L3 switches is you have to turn the interface connected to layer 3 interface by issuing no switchport then assigning an IP.  The reason I bring this up is that all our other interfaces we are monitoring are layer 2 interfaces.


      The problem is that on this layer 3 interface It says there is zero traffic but when I click into the interface and get to Netflow I see a ton of traffic.  Is there something I have to do to get it report the bandwidth being used at the interface level?


      Config on switch interface is below:

      description cogent p2p to dc

      no switchport

      ip flow monitor NETFLOW-MON-IN input

      ip flow monitor NETFLOW-MON-OUT output

      ip address

      speed 100

      duplex full