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      I have been using Reservations for equipment that we check out to staff, and found how cumbersome the process is.


      What I would like (desire) is:

      1. Do a search on Client (when found then)

      2. Make a new Reservation with Asset, which would stamp it with that days date and time.



      What appears we must do (hopefully I am wrong and someone can correct me).

      1. Create a New Reservation (????)

      2. Search on Client

      3. Schedule a date Out

      4. Schedule a date In (???)

      5. Search on Asset

      6. Save

      7. Check-Out item

      8. Save


      Add to this, if the Asset was checked out and returned, and the Asset was NOT checked back in, WHD doesn't know until you do the first 5 steps above and attempt to Save. Then you get an error message that the date is in conflict. Would be nice when you type in the Asset, it would tell you the status immediately and if you have it in your hands, have a way of Check-In, the Check-Out to the Client right away.


      Not really grasping the concept of the requirement to Schedule Out and Schedule In. What is the purpose? Why the requirement?

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          If you want to do it for your users, right in the moment you are going to give them the item, Schedule In and Out have no sense for you. We allows our customers to schedule the item they want to use so when they come to the helpdesk we only check out and in the item.


          The reservation conflict message I suppose is this one:

          Totally agree with you, WHD should allows you to filter those assets available for that date when creating a reservation for your customer.

          Though, for customers doing the reservation themselves is not that difficult, because while scheduling they can see the calendar for that asset they want to reserve.