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    Install Linux LEM agent on RHEL 6


      Can anyone help with this error.  I have tried all I know.



      [root@centrify solarwinds]# ./setup.bin

      Preparing to install...

      Extracting the JRE from the installer archive...

      Unpacking the JRE...



      gzip: /tmp/install.dir.27602/Linux/resource/vm.tar.Z: not in gzip format

      /tmp/install.dir.27602/Linux/resource/vm.tar.Z: not in compressed format

      uncompress unsuccessful



      gzip: /tmp/install.dir.27602/Linux/resource/vm.tar.Z: not in gzip format

      The included VM could not be uncompressed (GZIP/UNCOMPRESS). Please try to

      download the installer again and make sure that you download using 'binary'

      mode.  Please do not attempt to install this currently downloaded copy.