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    solarwinds receiving SNMP V2 TRAPS (port 161 unreachable)




      I have been confronted with an unusual situation to where Solarwinds is receiving multiple traps (and logging them accordingly) but when it comes to a specific product (Juniper/Pulse Connect secure) Solarwinds is receiving the trap (I'm watching it come in via Microsoft Net monitor) but then it sends a response back to the source saying port 161 is unavailable) and never acknowledges or logs the trap.


      Anyone have a clue what I am missing? The trap is being sent to SW on port 161 for sure, and other traps are successful but why this product failing traps if its using the same port as the others? Am I missing some setup on Solarwinds somewhere to accept from this source or something? Any hints or guidance I would be most thankful for. Cheers