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    Looking to upgrade WSUS and Patch Manager


      I have read over this thread (/message/233136#233136) and think it generally applies, however my setup is more complicated and I'm looking for more insight.


      We have a primary WSUS Server on Server 2008 R2, that has 3 downstream servers, also on Server 2008 R2.  In addition to that, the primary server has SolarWinds Patch Manager installed, version  WSUS is using the internal database, and Patch Manager is pointed at a remote SQL server.  I am really looking for best way to migrate all WSUS servers to 2012 R2, and then update Patch Manager to its most recent version.


      I would prefer to build new 2012 R2 servers and then migrate, unless there is a more preferred way.  The information given in the linked post was very good and thorough, and I would appreciate a similar level of detail in any response.


      Thank you!