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    Java - file that was selected does not match the name in the package


      Ok, this has been an on-going problem for almost a year.  Each time SolarWinds releases a new Java package for Patch Manager, I download the content from Oracle's web site, but when I try to import the content into the package I get the error "The file that was selected does not match the name in the package.  Select another file that matches."  Of course the file names do match.  Can anyone explain why this is not working properly and how to fix it?  Today I'm trying to publish 8u74, but I believe this has been an issue since 8u45.


      Yes, I can work around the problem by editing the package and pointing it to my local content, but that isn't how its supposed to work.  Surprisingly, I can import the Java content into the package just fine if I run the Patch Manager console on our patch management server; however, if the Patch Manager console is run from any other PC, I receive the message about mismatching file names.