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    Cisco 3850 Reporting lsmpi_io


      We recently installed our first WS-C3850-48P switches. NPM has been reporting high memory utilization, which is attributed to the lsmpi_io reading. I saw that there were similar issues with Cisco ASR devices and a customer poller was created. Are there any pollers out there than can show the correct memory utilization for the 3850's, or an incoming update to the existing MIB? Thanks.


      ASR Thread: Memory usage reporting incorrectly on CISCO ISR 4331


      Switch readout:

      "switch-a" #show memory free

                       Total(b)        Used(b)         Free(b)         Lowest(b)     Largest(b)

      Processor 916107072   310302384   605804688   600460920   601617972

      lsmpi_io   6295128       6294304       824               824               412


      NPM readout: