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    Reference for SWQL Studio versus SWQL Custom Query Resource?

    johnny ringo

      Hello all,

      I was wondering if anyone has created a thread that documents all the pitfalls when trying to use the SWQL Custom Query Resource as compared to SWQL Studio?  I have seen several good threads on the topic by mwb but I still struggle when trying to implement this feature because of these differences.  My current case in point is a simple query showing all the disk space we are monitoring:



      SELECT ROUND(SUM(VolumeSpaceUsed)/1099511627776, 1) AS TOTAL_TB

      FROM Orion.Volumes V

      INNER JOIN Orion.Nodes N ON (N.NodeID = V.NodeID)

      INNER JOIN Orion.NodesCustomProperties NC ON (N.NodeID = NC.NodeID)

      WHERE MachineType LIKE '%Window%'


      This works great in SWQL Studio, but not so much in the SWQL custom Query.