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    Web Help Desk IT Asset Library


      We have a need to lend out IT assets daily. We currently keep track of these borrowings on paper.


      This is not ideal so we are in the process of finding software to replace the paper. We just need a simple system that will allow us to use something like a Barcode to record borrowings against a user. Since we already run Web Help Desk I would like to know if this type of functionality is included in the product or if there are any plans to include it?



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          WHD has the ability for you to identify an asset as reservable and then you can check it in and out. if you go to the Asset section there are 3 sections under it search assets, purchase orders and Reservations.

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            Currently WHD doesn't have automated barcode scanner support for things like checkin/checkout, but in general a barcode scanner is a text input device so it is possible to click in a field, scan something, and have that text get entered into the box and execute a carriage return.


            As amyd mentioned, that could be used when entering a Reservation for an asset.

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              Sadly the asset booking component of Web Helpdesk is one of it's weakest features in our experience.

              We too need to book out assets to a variety of users who are running conferences, courses and training events.


              Whilst it is easy enough to set up a register of assets there are a number of real annoyances in the reservations area of the software:

              1. You can only book assets out to a single named person.  You can't book assets out to a group of users or an event.  In our circumstances the company employee requesting the equipment reservation is not necessarily the person who will be running the course at the venue.

              2. Having identified the assets required and linked them to a user for a date there is no way to identify the reason for the booking, eg: Conference in London about Child Protection Issues.

              This means that if an event is cancelled (Hotel rings to say they are flooded!) you have to know the name of the person the items were booked out to.  Just knowing that the event is cancelled is not enough as the system cannot hold the name of the event.  If you have two or more events on the same day this can be very frustrating.

              Some elements of Web Helpdesk can have custom fields added to them. Reservations does not appear to be one of them.

              Disappointing as otherwise the system is very good.

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                From what I have been able to figure out, you also need to "Schedule-In" and "Schedule-Out" the Asset before you can complete the Reservation. Then you can finally "Check-Out" the Asset (seems like a strange requirement).

                Something that should only take 2 steps requires about 8 steps to complete. Not quick at all, but can be done.

                This is all done under the Assets button, submenu Reservations.


                You will need to make the assets you want to check out have been made "Reservable" (Asset Basics TAB).


                You can then create a New Reservation

                Find a client

                Find an Asset

                Schedule a Date Out

                Schedule a Date In


                Check Out item