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    Report Builder SolarWinds Orion

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      So in my alerting I use custom properties a lot. Custom properties for Nodes, Volumes, Applications, Components, which are used in our Alerts to send emails to different groups. For example if volume X is down send an alert to this email. Different groups are responsible for different volumes,apps, nodes, etc.

      That being said, I am trying to build a report that is looking for a specific word in the field 'BlackHole@indux.com' which is our default - we don't want to get alerted on them address. When building out the report for nodes - custom properties everything works as intended.

      The first problem I encountered is that I can't choose all applications or all components like i can with Nodes and Volumes. Applications and Components seem to be single choice only as far as I can tell.

      The second problem is that I can choose all Volumes but when trying to search for Volume related custom properties it only shows available properties related to nodes, as if I can't report on anything else other than nodes or interfaces. When going into the custom property editor for Nodes I see that there are check boxes asking what do you want to use this custom property for - Reports is one of those options. Going into Volumes, Applications, or Components doesn't show that option.

      Is there a way I can report on categories other than Node specific. It would be a real pain if I have to manually export these as the import feature doesn't work so I'd have to send these out to all the different groups and then combine the data and do the data entry myself.

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.