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    NPM License Capabilities?


      I need to understand the Capabilities of NPM, I know its a Network Performance Monitor tool which can help us in Monitor health of Network devices like switches, Firewalls, Printers, Routers, Load Ba lancers to monitor traffic, Network bandwidth utilization, CPU, RAM, and other Hardware failures. But can we monitor Vcentre Machines Space, CPU Load, Power failures & other stats? Also will this license can be utilized to monitor Windows Servers hardware and Space utilization prospective?

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          For servers (Host or VM) you can monitor availability, response time, volumes, disk space, up/down status of the node, etc - if you choose ICMP and WMI as the polling method.  If you choose SNMP, you'll grab some better stats like network interface stats and environmental stats - along with many of the same items as the ICMP/WMI polling.


          The WMI/ICMP polling method is super simple to set up - requiring only an IP address and an AD account with elevated privileges.  The SNMP one takes a bit longer and requires more configurations such as community strings and services to be enabled and started.


          You'll get better info from the SNMP polling in my opinion - interface stats are a big one for me (and most network engineers) and the WMI/ICMP polling just doesn't do it.

          For the licensing portion it's a bit cryptic but here's how it breaks down (as was explained to me by SW sales) - Each element is broken down into 3 things (Volume, Interface, Node).  If you purchase for instance a license pack for 1000 elements, you will be allowed to monitor 1000 Nodes, 1000 Interfaces, 1000 Volumes.  But be advised 1 node can have many interfaces or many volumes which will whittle down your licensing very quickly - so choose wisely.

          Hope that helps - And anyone else feel free to chime in and correct me if any of the licensing info is wrong.