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    Approval Process


      I have a 3 step approval process set up.  Today I noticed that there were a few tickets that were pending.  When I looked at the tickets individually the first CAB had voted yes to approve (that CAB requires yes votes from both members before it goes to the next step).  It didn't go to the next step in the approval process.  I had to manually override that first step before it would go to the next CAB.  The rest of the approval process went smoothly, the action rules triggered the tasks appropriately once the tickets were approved on the other two steps.


      Has anyone else seen this or know why it would have stopped on that approval step?

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          Im having the same problem where a ticket requires 2 users to vote on it. They both approved it via the email link. The ticket doesn't come out of Pending Approval.

          How do I manually move the ticket forward?

          I've been on hold with solarwinds for the past 30 minutes. Doubt they're going to pick up at all....