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    Use UnDP data to create a table? (SWQL?)


      Hi all,


      ive seen how i can use UnDP data to create all sorts of graphs and charts, that seems pretty straight forward and ive done it a few times, the problem is i want some of the UnDP data in just a table. for example with my checkpoint firewalls i want some hardware info.


      i have all the info available in the poller status chart but i dont want it formatted nor do i need all of it the way it is (i.e. below)


      want i want to be able to do is break it down into relvant chunks and views


      for example i want to do a hardware details such as


      Serial: xxxx

      name: xxxx

      Version: xxxx

      policy: xxxxx


      i think i have seen i can do this with a SWQL query from what ive search but im not sure where to begin on doing this? i have some SQL experience so if someone could jsut point me in the right direction that would be great.