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    NCM query through v2 via Additional Web Server

    Mark Roberts



      I have a primary Orion server and an Additional Web Server (AWS), which a 3rd party integration is connecting to the AWS server (for security) and performing some read queries.


      However, the NCM (Cirrus) entity objects are not being returned by the AWS using SWIS v2, as the 3rd party application is trying to pull NCM data via simple query. Upon investigation using SWQL Studio, I have confirmed that:


      • Using v3 against AWS confirms NCM is installed on it and it can list and query the entities
      • Using v2 on primary Orion confirms that v2 supports those entities
      • Using v2 on AWS fails with 'Source entity [Cirrus.Nodes] not found in catalog' and in SWQL studio you will see from the screenshots below is not listing any of the Cirrus entities


      Why is there a different in the Cirrus entities being supported via the AWS. NCM was installed using the single AWS installer and is up to date on all hot fixes.


      primary v2 - working (clean).png

      web1 - v3 working (clean).png

      web1 v2 - Cirrus.nodes not found (Clean).png

      See - no Cirrus entities listed when connecting to the AWS using v2.