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    Alert Once for a specific Time based on an Interface that goes down, comes back up, goes down


      Here is the scenario:

      An interface (connected to a transmission line of some sort goes down. I certainly want to alert on that.

      The alert goes to a ticket system and to the event log, etc. No problem there.

      The interface comes back up in a period of time and is reported to event log and to the system.

      In the next <name your period of time here> the line and interface go down again. This UP/Down scenario continues for the next few hours. I don't need another ticket for this or the many times that this happens.


      Question:  How do I prevent a repetitive alert from happening and sending to the ticket system over and over whiles still alerting accurately the first time without delay? (I understand how to create two alerts, one for the Event Log and one for people and the ticket system. the issue is for the ticket system and still alerting accurately right away for it.