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    Issue with regex meta-character in Universal Device Poller


      Hello All,


      I am trying to create a Universal Device Poller for node details and ran into an issue polling for software image. I am polling OID and it returns a value of "CW_IMAGE$C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M$" Since, I am only interested in whats between the dollar signs, regex is perfect for this.


      After polling this value, I click on "add calculated value" and use the following line


      Regex([softwareImage], "\$.*")


      After trying to test, it wont even show me the output/input of the value. Once I remove the slash, it shows nothing for the output (I assume this is because $ is being matched as end of line). Any other expressions not involving escaped characters work just fine. I thought perhaps maybe I am not escaping it correctly until I tried using the Replace function. It works just fine to replace $ with @ in my test




      So I came up with this which words correctly (even removes the dollar signs).




      I am hoping I am just not escaping this correctly, but I can not find anything in the documentation advising on to do it correctly in this part of Solarwinds. Perhaps there is a better method all together ?