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    Error with Orion intergration


      Hello all.


      I have been upgrading our vmware environment to vsphere 6.0 - i have also done a complete vcentre move - to a new vcentre server. Initally, it seemed that all was OK (in orion web interface) once i made the changes in VMAN, but i am now getting the following:




      Clicking on any VM gives me the node page, but any Vmware specific stats are not there.


      All is OK in VMAN web interface as far as i can see, all hosts are there, all vm stats are correct.



      There is a strange issue in the credential section in orion:




      So the top entry is my vcentre. This should be the only entry, and all hosts should poll through the vcentre. But for some reason, i have 3 extra entries for 3 hosts that are in clusters in vcentre. These hosts are grey and italicised within the vcentre node.every other host under vcentre is also grey, but not italicised. The version is also still 5.5 for the hosts i have upgraded (just to prove that it isn't working) 


      If i then run the synchronisation wizard - it tells me i have vmware nodes in orion that i don't have in VMAN - which isn't true!


      I'm posting here as getting zero help from Solarwinds (Case 930147) - it is a massive issue for us.


      If anyone can help that would be great - but also - what is the easiest way to remove VMAN from the web interface all together? I have tried removing the integration, but the errors still show.