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    monitor single query's execute time with DPA alerts


      I have an important query which runs to one SQL2012 database hundreds of time each day.It is time sensitive,which mean usually its execute successful time is ~5s,but sometimes it will up to 1~2mins(should be database performance issue).and if its execute time is > 30s,there will be timeout error happen to its back end application.So I want to create an alert to monitor this execute time,when it is >30s,there will be alert mail to me,then we can look into the database to find what is the issue.This will help us to be sure/monitor this query runs well all the time.

      I do not find out how to do this in "alerts" area,so pls advise.


      about the query,its output is batch data of 5000 records&10 columns,but not single numric