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    Unable to Create Custom View for One Specific Node Group

    Scott Sadlocha

      I posted this on a feature request poll, but wanted it to have its own post.


      Is it still not possible to create a custom view for one specific node group? I am trying to create a custom group view, and cannot assign anywhere I look. The strange thing is, I can create the view, and I can preview it, but can't assign it to a group. Here is my situation--I have a group of Palo Alto firewalls I added to Orion. I then created a group for them. These firewalls have a custom poller that shows number of sessions. This poller only applies to the Palo Alto firewalls, so there is no need for it to be on all device groups. It seems the only way I can add this poller widget is to add it all nodes, so I will be seeing it in a Cisco switch group even though it doesn't apply. Is this functionality still not available? Why have the ability to create additional group views and even preview them if we can't assign them?