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    Customer accounts getting access to see nodes shared with other customers.



      I am stuck on a problem, and i'm relatively new to SolarWinds.

      We have a large amount of nodes in our SolarWinds installation. There are several customers who only have access to see the nodes they need to see.

      The way we have solved this, is that we have added a custom field called CustomerID, and set user account limitations to only see nodes which has this custom field equal to their customer number.


      We have some nodes that more than one customer wants to see(i.e a shared firewall or similar), and we cant add a new limitation since multiple account limitations will use AND instead of OR between them. This can't be changed(to my knowledge).


      Node A has customer ID=1

      Node B has customer ID=2

           Customer 1 can then see Node A but not B, and vice versa

      They both want to see a shared firewall Node C, since they share this.


      How can i solve it so that one user can see multiple nodes based on diffrent criteria? Or is there a better way to solve it?


      All tips are greatly appreciated.