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    Last Database Update - 400 minutes and counting!


      Hi all,


      Got an interesting one here, which I've raised a support case for (#932472). One of my instances is experiencing a problem, whereby it's 'Last Database Update' metric is just increasing. I've taken diagnostics and have sent them to support, but I wonder if any of you have come up against an issue like this previously.


      I noticed the problem yesterday, and ran full Active Diagnostics. Oddly, when I ran the diagnostics, this seemed to clear the problem, and the database updates were happening normally. However, this morning I checked again, and at some point around 12 hours or so after I ran the original diagnostics, the Last Database Update counter started ticking upwards again.


      A few stats for you:


      • The environment consists of NPM 11.5.2, NCM 7.2.2 & SAM 6.1.1
      • Only a single polling engine, which is a VMware VM.
      • The database is stored on a shared SQL server, in it's own instance (not ideal, but configured before my time and cannot be moved at this time).
      • Plenty of space is avaialable on both the application and SQL servers, and database storage LUN.


      I purposefully have not performed the usual Configuration Wizard - Repair, as I want to hear what SolarWinds Support come back with, and I will update what the issue and subsequent solution was here.


      One other thing, does anyone know what Last Database Update and Last Database Sync actually means? Thinking logically, it seems the first refers to the last time Orion put and update into the database, and the second refers to the last time Orion attempted to connect to the database, but it's not documented anywhere in the Orion or NPM administration documentation