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    Force Save & Email action


      Is there a way to force all tickets, or tickets that belong to a specific location group to always use the Save & Email action instead of just saving? If that can't be done, is there a way to force an e-mail to the client whenever the ticket status is changed (e.g. from Open to Closed)

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          There is no way to get all updates automatically emailed to the client as far as I know, you can (globally) make Save & Email the default action but obviously this can be overridden. In regard to closing the tickets there is a way around this.

          In Setup> Techs> Tech Permissions you can remove the ability of your Techs to actually Close tickets, which would mean they need to use a different status like Resolved, which you can set up to Prompt to confirm ticket resolution so the client gets an email once the status changes to resolved.That way only the happy client or an admin can actually Close tickets,

          You can also create another set of permissions where the techs can still close the tickets if you need different tiers or location groups etc.