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    Repairing permissions is driving me bat **** crazy!


      I attempting to "repair" some folder permissions that do not seem to want to stay repaired.I was able to manually add Full Control access to most folders for the IUSR, Network Service, and Authenticated User accounts, but I cannot seem to determine how to gain access to the C;\ProgramData\Application Data\SolarWinds and the C:\ProgramData\Application Data\SolarWinds\Logs folders. I cannot see them even though I have hidden folders enabled in my Explorer view.

      Two questions:

      1. How can I see and then set permissions for those two folders?

      2. Why does the Repair button not seem to actually work? (Folders i repair seem to break again at some point), (Would I actually even need to ue the Repair button if all of the permissions are properly set manually?)

      Please help ,e as I think the Permissions issue may be the source of several ills  - not the least of which may be website performance.

      Thank you so much.

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          I have this issue as well and (with no real basis) suspect GPO pushes in our environment.  it is very frustrating, I agree.  Glad you posted this...I think I'll ask our systems team about it.

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            Did you launch the PermissionsChecker utility by right clicking and choosing 'Run as Administrator' option?

            Is UAC enabled on your Orion server?

            Are your SolarWinds folders excluded from real-time access scans if you have any antivirus program like McAfee or Sophos?

            If you are not able to see the folders even from windows explorer, it seems more like an issue with the user account that is logged in. Did you try logging in as another user?

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                The answers are Yes, No, Yes, No.




                Will try logging in as another local admin user. In the meantime, I checked

                to make sure the appropriate users (IUSR, NETWORK SERVICE, Authenticated

                Users) have the needed permissions to the folders listed in the

                PermissionsChecker and there have been no more "FAILED" results.

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                    I am having this EXACT issue, and a little (ok, a lot) of research into it has led me to the following information....


                    The C:\ProgramData\Application Data\  is a junction folder which is what Windows is using for backwards compatibility. This means, that while this "folder" really exists, it has nothing in it and is really only a forwarding link, which forwards you to the actual folder which is located at: C:\ProgarmData\


                    These junction folders were created as a way/redirect for those programs to find the information they are looking for, should they have hard coded the path, despite MSDN warnings not to (ahem...solarwinds)


                    So... permission checker is looking for that application data folder and trying to write to it...problem is, that NO account has ANY permissions to it and if/when you try to change the permissions to that folder, you will get an error stating that it failed to enumerate and that access is denied.


                    I'm not sure about the impact that this has..but it's probably something that should be fixed by Solarwinds in a future release