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    Possible to merge numerical UnDP values with a text/string separator using a Transform?


      I have 3 nodes in which I need to monitor the channels. Each node has 600+ channels however, they do not have IF-MIB OIDs that SolarWinds supports.    Is there a way to have a UnDP Transform that can merge numerical values, with a delimiter?  I've seen other people asking to append an "F" on a degrees transform from way back when, but it didn't have an answer.

      I would like that value to be "{Shelf}:{Slot}:{Port}:{Channel}" but I get an error when I put that string in the transform block.  Does the transform calculation have an escape character, or characters that identify text like  ' ' or " "? (I tried those too)


      Bonus question, is it possible to have a table only show a row if a column is not equal to a specific value(s) (status), or when a separate column increments (error counters)?