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    How to create a view with node details like the mouse-over panels


      We have a user that wants a dashboard created for their servers.


      They would like each server (there are about 6) displayed in the view with an individual panel that replicates/is effectively the same view/panel you get when you mouse-over/hover over a node (in any view where nodes are listed etc.).


      I cannot for the life of me find any such object/widget etc. to use when creating a view that would do this.


      Is this possible? If so - how do I created a view with this info on a static view page (that will refresh like normal views).


      Any and all help appreciated.


      Current versions:-


      Orion Platform 2014.2.1, SAM 6.1.1, QoE 1.0, NCM 7.2.2, NPM 11.0.1, NTA 3.11.0, UDT 3.0.2, IVIM 1.11.0, VNQM 4.1

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          I don't think there's an easy button for this.  I scoured NPM also and didn't find anything resembling what you're looking for.


          But,  I think there's two ways you can accomplish this task.  The first would be to use a "Custom Query" box and run some SQL queries to get the data you're looking for.  Unfortunately I know more about the migratory patterns of North American Geese than SQL (I know nothing about North American Geese, or how they migrate), so I wouldn't be able to help with the query syntax.  But the great thing about Thwack is there are a ton of smart people and a ton of examples for queries, just search it out and you'll find them.  The second option is to make a view with 6 columns, in each column put in the necessary charts for CPU/Mem, Interface Speed, etc.  It's not pretty, but it's functional.


          Or someone may come along with a way better idea that's exactly what you're looking for and render both of my suggestions moot, which is cool too.


          Best of luck!

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            maybe a view with 6 left side tabs may prove useful. then they can use the left side navigation to go through each server. the down fall is that it would not all be on the same "page essentially" but might be a little cleaner.

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              Thanks for the input. Do not think either option really achieves what I want (although both useful suggestions).


              Digging around I have found the popup URL generated - when I use that URL by itself I get some results - the data in the popup is displayed on the web page but without an enclosing box and without the bar graphs - also the text rendered appears "variable".


              The URL to test is following format:-




              Replace the "yourOrionWebsite" bit with your sites Solarwinds address and plug a valid NodeID where xxxx in N:xxxx


              Result should be a web page that looks kind of similar to the popup like when you hover over a Node link - but without some of the content of the popup.


              Would be nice to know what else is required to get all the popup detail in there and also how to then include the URLs etc. in a View page (cannot seem to find anything to do that either - Custom HTML object doesn't seem to be the correct thing - not sure what would be).