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    Exclude "RE:" emails from creating tickets.




      If you email a group of people and include the Help Desk email, it happens quite often that another of these employee does a "Reply All" which, of course, sends another message to the help desk and thus another ticket gets created.  Long chains going back and forth generate a lot of tickets.  How can you have the help desk exclude the email messages whose subjects begin with RE:?


      There was a default exclusion which looked like this -  (?i)(out\s+of\s+office).  There really isn't any documentation on this.  I changed it to look like this -  (?i)(out\s+of\s+office)|(re:)


      Not sure how to tell it that there could, and probably would in fact, be some random text after the "re:".  Have any of you used exclusions?  Does the line I created look correct?