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    snmp.meraki.com dashboard monitoring limitation with MSP


      Recently Meraki started displaying a message that all SNMP monitoring will need to use snmp.meraki.com as the destination for all Dashboard monitoring.  Since we are setup as an MSP with Meraki, we have each of our clients setup individually that allow us to sign into one Meraki account and view all of our Meraki customers.  Since Meraki is forcing everyone to use one address to query SNMP dashboard, Solarwinds will not allow this because they only allow one SNMP node per IP address (per poller).  Each customer has their own SNMP V3 username/pw and that is how Meraki separates the clients.  Meraki used to have a different node IP/name for each customer.


      I put in a ticket with Solarwinds but thought I would pose this question out and see if anyone has a resolution.


      If I have to, I will run it through my F5s to get different front-end IPs and point to the same backend but this is not ideal.