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Got my Dad's hand-me-down computer in 4th grade (a 286), and spent so much time with computers that they make much more since to me than anything else. Started checking out BBS's in 1993 (or 4, my high school freshman year) and started using the internet in 1995 (or 6 junior year). Got a job with computers in 1999 (y2k bug got my foot in the door) supporting a regional bank in So Cal; assisted via sneaker net to upgrade PCs and setup remote administration tools.  Kept on to migrate to Windows NT from 98.  Helped with the migration from IPX to IP and Novel to Windows.  A permanent position was offered to me and I have had more and more things put on my plate since.  I am still at the same place (currently 14 years later).  I am responsible for securing, monitoring, maintaining and implementing the server, VMware, SAN, and network infrastructures.  I manage about 500 servers (95% virtual and 98% windows), 250 routers/switches/firewalls (Cisco/Juniper/Arista) and 3 SANs. We have 45 locations.   I really like tools that make my job easier (like the ones SW makes), but hate them because once my job gets easier I get more stuff handed to me to do! Outside of work: That picture is my pup (Duke, a boxer) He'll wear a home made beanie, a cape, Bunny ears, Reindeer Antlers, and just about anything that makes people pay more attention to him.  I guess he isn't a pup anymore, 80 lbs, but he'll always be a pup to me!  I just figured out he like to cuddle up under blankets... he has so much character. In 2011 I am became a father!  Wow it is so cool, I had to do it a second time in 2013! I thought my life was so busy before they came, now it's just a complete blur and one is still in the tame stage where she has very limited mobility. Life is running at 100 mph and not showing any signs it will ever slow down. I am so enjoying life!
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