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40 years of working with computers and still find new things. Started on an original Apple my last year of High School after returning from Germany (yes, I am a BRAT). Went on to a career in the Air Force flying with my additional responsibilities being unit computer systems. Eventually this evolved in designing, implementing and maintaining both the computer and the network. When I got I decided that I wanted to specialize in the network side of computers and all the systems that supported it (dns, dhcp, file/print services). I had been introduced to Linux back in 1992 while attending a UNIX course while in the military. When I got out I did consulting for a while helping companies convert from Green Screen to PC's. New wiring , configuration of emulators, the whole thing (fun with W4W, loved IBM OS2, especially once WARP came out). Then got hired by the local County to help them do the same as well as upgrade from TokenRing to Ethernet. Once the economy turned around I went back into consulting, by then doing security work (vul ass, pen testing, analysis, etc). A few years ago when the economy started to tube again I went ahead and got back into the rat race taking the position I am in now. Having fun because we are small enough the need to be resourceful, large enough to actually invest in some common commercial tools.
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