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Been around computers (in one form another) since the 70's (I'm an old dog but I can be trained!). My first experiernce with a computer was the Radio Shack "Digital Computer" kit, that my dad bought me in 1977 and, which, I still have! That was also the same year I started programming on the TRS-80 Model 1. Since then, I have built and torn apart more machines than I care to count; been around the UNIX and Mac worlds but I'm a PC/Windows nerd to the core; got into networking in the '90s and took to it like a duck to water. Now, I work for an O&G company as a LAN Support Analyst, which is a glorified PC tech but I still get to play with networks! Spare time I play the Chapman Stick in my Church's praise & worship group; I enjoy radio controlled modeling, mostly airplanes; love to travel with my wonderful wife (Hawai'i, some of the 48, Canada, Mexico so far but looking to hit Europe & South Pacific soon) and see family/grandkids.
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