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After 5 years as a developer and swearing I'd never become a DBA, became a DBA. Since then, 20 years implementing and supporting Oracle database technologies, including logical and physical database design, application development and architecture, performance tuning, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery. Ran my own consultancy for 12 years where I was involved in a lot of interesting projects, including * Designing a database and application tier for a MMP video game with over 10 million players * Physical and logical design of a county 911 call center * Rebuilding a HA infrastructure for a major university after their design failed * Performance tuning a system used for analysis of supercomputer output, such as weather, earthquake, and nuclear blast simulations * Developed an application to organize and maximize the canvassing efforts of political candidates, and no customer using the application ever lost an election Interesting places I've consulted include a nuclear plant, a bunch of pharmaceutical companies, an online real estate auction broker, Apple, the military, state and local governments,
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