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I always hate writing these things! Never know what's interesting enough to say! One of the many Brits who's escaped the cold and wind and rain of the UK and now working in the Middle East for a local IT firm subcontracted to a major internation company. Spent most of my professional career prior to this in small companies working as a 1-man IT department so covering everything from user support to servers to basic networking. Since the move out here I started on user support and servers but I am now concentrated in networking. No formal qualifications yet, but I am self-learning the CCNA. When I moved to the Networking role I took over a very out of date Enginneer's Toolset with an initial project of looking to update the network monitoring. This has lead to me playing a majo role in rolling out SolarWinds Orion NPM, and probably playing some part in a near-future roll-out of the APM suite. Outside work interests include music, reading, socialising, cricket and golf. My golf handicap would be the clubs, the ball, the course, etc! Finally starting to get out on the course on a more regular basis, so hopefully the 9-hole scores in the 70s will soon get closer to the 50s. (Plus desert golf adds some interesting twists to the game!) Actually, I've given up on the golf! Taken up archery instead... Always nice to know how to handle a lethal weapon; and it's great stress relief after work some days! UPDATE: OK, so I've been quiet for a while, so an explanation. At the end of September 2013 I left my job in Saudi Arabia for a return to the UK. Since then I've been more concerned about resettling into the UK ways of life and sorting out my house after a fair bit of work was done on it! Now more or less settled and about to start the joys of job hunting again! Whether or not I will continue to be a SolarWinds user remains to be seen, but I shall continue to lurk and provide what help I can from what I remember of my last use of the products :) (Of course, would be useful if there were free way to set up some software in a VM so I can check on stuff!)
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