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UnLicense Log Analyzer is not displaying the Syslog messaged in Logviewer

Hi All,

Need to see if anyone has faced below issue.

We have a Log Analyzer which is unlicensed and we where receiving the syslog messages on Log viewer. However all of the sudden we are not able to see the Syslog messages in the Log viewer. We run the Packet Capture on the Server and we are receiving the Syslog messages, but that messages are not getting viewed in the Log viewer.

The Log analyzer we have is an Unlicensed version and Solarwinds had told that with Unlicensed version we could view the Logs and create Rules and Alerts for the Syslog's. But all of the sudden it stopped displaying the syslog messages in Log viewer.

Need to see if anyone has used the Un licensed version of LA 2.1 and have faced such kind of issue where suddenly the view of Syslog messages in Log viewer is stopped.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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