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SAM Component status in unknown state on a specific poller


We have SAM 6.7 in our environment along with other modules.

Component monitoring was working fine earlier with all the servers.

Since a week, SAM components on Linux servers on a specific poller go in unknown state.

When trying to test it manually, it doesnot give any output, keeps loading.

But if we do test the template from the poller's HA server, it works.

We donot have any port or credentials issue upon testing.

Background : The same poller's CPU utilization started hitting 100% and has remained the same since then.

As per suggestions on Thwack, we rebuilt Performance Counters, run Config Wizard and rebooted the server.

Server was stable for some hours and the unknown component count had reduced.

But it increased to the same value again in a few hours.

We have HA for the poller which is working fine.

No credentials issue.

Resources are sufficient.

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