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Job Postings

Not that I am looking for a job, because I am not.  But I do Like to keep my eyes open for opportunities for growth.

I noticed a thread in 2009 and one in 2011 about adding a job posting section to Thwack or SolarWinds.

Any thoughts on doing that?

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Re: Job Postings

Jobs outside of SolarWinds Proper obviously.  Maybe a place for SolarWinds Customers to post openings.

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DanielleH Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Job Postings

We've talked about this before.  It's still in the brainstorming phase for now but definitely something we're considering.  Good to know there is interest around this idea.

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Re: Job Postings

umm, definitely...though like bscience said...not looking per-se

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Re: Job Postings

There is a SolarWinds Certified Professionals Group on Linkedin which sometimes contains job postings from our partners and various recruiters.  It was opened up to anyone a few years back, although not highly publicized.  Anyone can become a member, simply by requesting.


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Re: Job Postings

The job board is live, all.... it took (much) longer than I expected, but we have it up: GOT A JOB? NEED A JOB? GET A JOB.