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ipMonitor 10.8.3 is Now Available!

Comprehensive monitoring of your network devices, servers, and applications is critical for any organization.  With many options out there, SolarWinds ipMonitor® can eliminate apprehension with an easy to use, lightweight, cost effective solution.

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of ipMonitor® 10.8.3. This update includes some important security updates, along with some user interface improvements.  You may access this release from your customer portal! The new version includes features designed to achieve the following:

  • ipMonitor web console now supports TLS 1.2
  • HTTPS monitor also supports TLS 1.2
  • Security updates for DEP protection and SMTP connections
  • Updated UI for the addition of monitors and express scan

For more information, feel free to review the release notes in the SolarWinds Success Center.

We also want to hear what you would like to see in the next version of ipMonitor®!  Some of the items we hope to incorporate in future releases may be viewed in the What We're Working On - ipMonitor  post.

Submit your ideas or vote on existing feature requests here ipMonitor Feature Requests

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We used IpMonitor for years, but had to replace it at the end of last year. That update for TLS 1.2 came too late for us as we had to get something else in place due to regulatory requirements.

johnsonj86​ - Sorry to hear that.  This is certainly something we want to do a better job of, and ensure we avoid situations like this for our customers in the future. 

Oh, 10.8.3 is a BUST for me, it has broken about 20% of my monitors, anything that is VMXnet (vmware) or a LANCE (most UPS's) adapter now shows as offline...  going back to a version as can not find an answer.

Can you share screenshots of what you are referring too?  It may be beneficial to capture some logs as well.

pedroj Are there any discrepancies on these monitors when you look at the configuration?  I am not seeing this occur through any upgrades I have tested.  Please share additional details if you are continuing to have an issue. 

Like many ipMonitor users, I was needing to disable TLS 1.0/1.1 in my infrastructure but this would break many of my ipMonitor monitors.   I was in the process of evaluating other monitoring products but I was hesitant based how much time it would take to learn a new product and setup monitors for an entire enterprise.

So far, 10.8.3 has been working great with TLS 1.2 only.....except one monitor type I use fairly extensively for my SQL servers... ADO: User Experience Monitor.

This monitor will fail if TLS 1.0 is disabled on the SQL servers.

I found a work around to this monitor  issue today.

Edit the v8_mon.t file under ipMonitor/internal/templates folder and change the following line


<% exec( "v8_mon.tparams.207.provider", "sqloledb" ); %>



<% exec( "v8_mon.tparams.207.provider", "SQLNCLI11" ); %>

After making this change, my monitors went green with valid results.

turbotalon​ This is very helpful!  We will look at getting it adjusted without the use of the workaround.

May I suggest this is a perfect venue in which to tell people how this product differs from NPM and IPAM?

The name "IP Monitor" sounds like a DHCP solution, or like an NPM-type solution.

It would probably be helpful for those who are interested to understand the most basic differences between the various products, and how this one fits into a site with NO SolarWinds tools, or one with NAM fully implemented.

Thank you for the feedback rschroeder​.  I think you have already viewed this post (When Is SolarWinds ipMonitor Right for You ) in which adatole does a fantastic job of breaking out the high level differences between the Orion Platform products and ipMonitor.  I can understand how the name may be a bit confusing with all the products on the market that are specifically designed around IP Address Management, like SolarWinds IP Address Manager​, but you are correct that it is not a tool that provides that particular feature set.  While we are not planning any changes to the naming convention anytime soon, I would love for the community to share some of the ways in which they utilize ipMonitor.  This is a tool that is so easy to use, and is a great solution in many situations for essential monitoring needs.         

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