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PowerShell Monitors Package

This package is a mini-framework for firing off custom PowerShell scripts.  Each script can be considered an external monitor.


The Test Parameters will be exactly the same for every single External Process monitor.

The first environment variable ‘ipm_monitor’ is a required variable.  This variable identifies the custom monitor you want to run, which is ‘FileLastWriteTime’ in this case.

Any additional environment variables are for use in your monitor script.

My monitor script ‘.\scripts\FileLastWriteTIme.ps1’ pulls data from these extra variables during execution by using the GetVariable function.   (You can refer to the variable by its full name ipm_filename or short name without the _ipm.)  In this script I check a filename (ipm_filename) if it has been modified within the past 1200 seconds (ipm_lastwritetime).

SetExitCode lets you set an exit code value which is then used by ipMonitor to assert based on exit code or environment variable.

The environment variable that is set with the exit code is named ipm_exitcode.

New Monitors:

Create a PowerShell script and place it in the 'scripts' sub-folder.  Then, set the ipm_monitor variable to the name of the file, without the '.ps1'.

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