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ipMonitor Evaluation - SNMP


We are evaluating ipMonitor SNMP with a Nutanix HCI. Looks that ipMonitor does not have in the SNMP dB the Nutanix MIB (even is on the Orion MIB dB). The Solarwinds ipMonitor Support mentioned a process (Import MIB files into the ipMonitor MIB database - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support ) to import MIB into ipMonitor MIB dB but it requires Solarwinds Support Account; because we are evaluating we do not have access. Did someone know if Nutanix is on the ipMonitor MIB dB? Did someone has successfully connect ipMonitor with Nutanix?


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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hello Eliut - we have some changes in how we plan to assist customers with this moving forward.  Are you able to share the MIB you were looking to use?

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Attach please find the Nutanix MIB file. Also, a reference from Nutanix SNMP Prism ver. 5.9 -

During my testing with the Nutanix SNMP, I used Paessler MIB Importer V3 to read/walk the Nutanix MIB. We have successfully implement SNMP access to Nutanix into our SolarwindsMSP N-Central (using Custom SNMP) although we need to iron some reading using transformation/calcs, the output of the reading are quite basic and requires more tuning.

Please advise if you need additional information.



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