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in ipMonitor, what token hold the site content returned from HTML/ASP


In ipMonitor I'm trying to figure out how to return in an alert email the content of a web page that a test was performed on via HTML/ASP.

The reason for this is, I have a simple site that does some testing and then writes to a simple file that is served up via apache.

The file contains ether:

     Status: OK


     Status: FAILED!

In the status failed, I include some additional notes about the failure.

I use the monitor type: HTML/ASP and have is look for 'Status: OK:'.  If it sees it then all is well if not then an alert is sent.

In the email that is sent, I want to include all or at least the first several lines of the actual content from the site.  I looked and was not able to find a TOKEN that holds the returned content.

Does anyone know how I can get this content in the alert email?



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