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Windows 2003 Service Monitoring

Hey All,

I am having a few issues with SNMP service monitors for 2k3 servers.  An "add server" scan of a Win2k3 box finds everything except services (ie drive space, ports, fans, cpu's etc).  Win2k works fine and as expected.  The udp port and snmp community strings are correct and these servers are not behind a firewall.

Using the Add Service Monitor Wizard returns the following error.

No available Services were found at "my.local.serverName". To resolve this issue, ensure that:

    * The IP Address / Domain Name, UDP Port and Community Name are entered correctly.
    * A firewall is not blocking access to the remote device.

Cloning a Win2000 monitor and changing the settings works correctly.  Even if you click "List" to bring up the servers, the entire list is there.  This is why I am unsure why the add server scan does not find any services for Windows 2003 server.

I am running IPM 8.5 with the 5.51 meg mib_base.bxml.  The server is a 2k3 server and when scanning itself, it finds all the services.

With a mass migration away from Windows 2000 servers, this little cloning step could take a very long time to complete for our whole monitored environment.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.


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Level 7

Use the iReasoning MIB Browser from the IPM machine to walk an OID on the target computer.

In the address field, put the ip or fqdn of the machine.

Click advanced and enter the community string

In the OID field type .0

In the operation click Get Next

If you can not walk the tree, IPM will not be able to walk it either.

If that fails, you may want to use wireshark on the source and target machines to find out what is happening to the packets.

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Level 18

I'm checking with a few folks internally to see if they've seen this before.  In the meantime, I'd go ahead and open a ticket with support.

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Can you try this....

“Add” >“New Device” from the Devices tab and provide the ip Address, Credentials etc.  It will tell you that found “Existing Device”. Click on “Re-Scan Device”  This almost always corrects this issue.
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Hey Chris,

Thanks for the reply.  We are running v8.5 at the moment.  The upgrade to 9 isn't scheduled for this year.


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