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What happens after a licence is parked on an old server?

For the past 2 months, I have been working on migrating our IPM 8.5 environment to a new server running 9.0x.  The final cut over is scheduled for first thing Monday morning and the parking/re-licencing process seems quite straight forward.  For reporting reasons, I have been asked by my senior managers to keep the old environment online until May 18th, so I was wondering what happens after the licence is parked.  Will I still be able to log in and see reports, or does this disable the application completely?

Is there a way I can keep my 8.5 server online for 3 more weeks before we format the server?

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After the license is parked, the web UI shows a singular license expired page. Essentially, the app is entirely disabled and monitoring will be offline.

ipMonitor 8.x has a concept fairly unique called Emergency Licensing that can help get you there part way. I would like you to log into the old version of the support portal and examine the emergency licensing text on this page.

You should have at least two emergency licenses, each good for 7 days. That's 2/3 the way there. If you had two or more licenses of ipMonitor, you'd be golden.

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