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Community Manager

What We're Working On - ipMonitor (updated Dec 2019)

To receive updates on the ipMonitor roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page

ipMonitor 11.0 is now available, and we are actively working on the next release. Some new and exciting enhancements being looked at are:

  • Continue to update the GUI to the new style
  • Improve and simplify the discovery process.
  • Improve VMWare ESX Host and Microsoft Hyper-V Monitoring

We also want to hear what you would like to see in the next version of ipMonitor®!  Submit your ideas or vote on existing feature requests here ipMonitor Feature Requests

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As you are working on providing the actual SQL values returned from queries, can you also implement the similar request - return request values from external monitors.

I initiated requested this feature over 5 years ago, and am still patiently waiting. Since you are implementing what effectively is near identical functionality, doing this as well should not be difficult at all.

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Level 15

You can go straight from 9.x  to the latest version.

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Level 12


I'm on Version: 9.0 build 1236 can I do the inline upgrade for my server ?

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Level 7

I am asked each year to renew maintenance which you say I need "to access Tech Support, FREE product updates/version upgrades (including all major and minor version releases), customer only product training, and exclusive access to product pre-releases."

Fair enough on the support, I am happy to pay for this but I think the last release of ipMonitor was in 2013. There is nothing concrete here about features or timing.

It is unreasonable to ask for full payment when only delivering part of your package (i.e. support but no upgrades).

Please put together a reduced price renewal that reflects the reduced offer. I think a 50% reduction seems fair given  I’ve paid full price for the past few years but seen no releases.

If there is some plan to transition away from ipMonitor to something else please share it.

There are many other products in the market that are being actively developed and that are comparable on price. I would prefer to stay with yours and see it developed but I don’t want to be taken advantage of.

Level 15

ipMonitor can be purchased here:

ipMonitor - Monitor IT Infrastructure Performance | SolarWinds

There is a new PM for the product, but ipMonitor is still in development.

Level 9

I see IPmonitor is no longer on the product list on Solarwinds' main web page.  Is the death of IPmonitor far behind?

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Level 9

We're currently on 10.8.2, what will the next release be? Any idea on timeframes for a release candidate or beta at least?

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Now October and still no updates or information?

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Hey Brachus,

I see you asking for a new version. We re working on it, unfortunately I do not have more precise timeframe at the moment. But as soon things will be more clear I will update you here on Thwack. In the meantime please let your request and ideas coming.


Ryan Albert Donovan

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