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Using the "File Watching" Monitor to monitor IIS logs / using wildcards


I did a cursory search and found nothing, so forgive me if this has been asked/answered before...

I'm currently doing an eval. and one feature that I am looking for is the ability to monitor the content of IIS logfiles. I tried using the File Watching monitor, but ran into a snag when it asked for a specific filename. I tried using a wildcard (*.log), but I guess that does not work / the asterisk is treated as an invalid character for a filename.

As a new logfile is going to be created every day (and there may be other instances where I'd like to monitor logfiles in a particular location, but either do not know the name of each one, or new ones are created automatically, or may be manually renamed by someone else), is there a way to monitor the contents of all files within a particular folder?

(Or, while I did not see one from the available monitors, is there some IIS logfile monitoring that I missed somewhere?)

Any insight appreciated -- thanks!

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Hello rjl,

At this time there is no way to monitor a file using a variable for the file name.  This has been requested as a feature request (TT #298 for internal folks).  In your particular situation, you could workaround this by configuring IIS to log to extend.log.  As a result, the current log file will always be extend.log and use a rotation scheme similar to what Apache uses.

Hope this helps.


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