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Level 7

Update devices to reflect reverse-DNS lookup

When I did my initial discovery I did not have PTR records setup for the devices, so it wasn't possible for ipMonitor to do a successful reverse-DNS lookup.  Is there a way to update the device names to reflect the DNS information and not the IP?  There are around 200 devices so I don't want to manually edit them all. 

Also I'm not seeing consistent naming, sometimes it uses the DNS name, the computer name, name from snmp query, or the IP address.  It would be nice on the discovery to be able to edit the name if it's incorrect, so that the correct name is used for the automatic monitor creation.

Thanks in advance,


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Level 7

Can't comment on the PTR issue but I've exported my monitors to an XML and done a bulk search and replace to standardize on the names. Then imported the XML file.   Not elegant but it does work.

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Level 10

I also find my self in the same predicament.

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