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Level 7

Trying to monitor file age

I want to monitor a logfile to ensure a process is running regularly with ipMonitor 10. It should send an alert if the logfile becomes more than 72 hours old. I added a File Property monitor to the server, but I'm not sure this is the right way to do this. The monitor has a '' option, but it is greyed out whether the option is checked or not. If I click the sample button, it fills in the last modified date. I can't use a date though.

Is this the right monitor type to use? And why is it greyed out?

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Level 11

I'm now trying to do the same thing, monitor the last modified date of a file.  However it doesn't matter if the option is checked or unchecked, the box is greyed out with n/a.  Is this a bug??

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One more thing to note on the FILE PROPERTY monitor, even though "size" isn't checked, you cannot continue, OK or APPLY, until you enter any value into the field.

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Hi chaldz, it looks like you opened a support ticket.  Dev is investigating and we'll report back here with our findings.

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