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Trouble running external .cmd in alert

When running 8.5 i am trying to run a .cmd after a monitor goes down and an alert is triggered.  the account i am using to connect is in the domain admins group along with the local admins group for the server i am trying to remotely run the .cmd on.  the domain account was also expressly added at the folder level.  in all cases it is granted full control yet i keep getting the error below.  any ideas/suggestions?  

i am monitoring a web page with just a basic http monitor.  i can restart the www service automatically no problem so i know the account is connecting and has rights on the server.  i just cannot run the .cmd for some reason.

Alert Error: Access rights are insufficient. The test failed.


here are the general details of the alert.

Rollup ToggleHelp ToggleAlert Parameters
Executable Namecmd.exe
Startup Directoryd:\foldername\
Credential for Alerting  ipmonitor credential
Set Environment Variables
Rollup ToggleHelp ToggleNotification Content - Failure Messages
Failure Command Line    cmd i want to run.cmd 
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Hello humc.

You're indicating that you expect the Alert to run on the remote box, which isn't the case. The Alert runs on the local ipMonitor box.

What does your ".cmd" do?

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uses devcon to disable a nic when a monitored web page goes down in order to facilitate initialization of failover to another box. not sure i can do this remotely without something like pstools.  is there a way to call the .cmd remotely on the box i want to disable the nic on?

i.e. devcon disable PCI\VEN_1022

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Hello Humc,

You'd be right. You'll need psExec. My advice is to use RunAs within the account you intend to use with cmd.exe, and test out your remote command. When it works to your satisfaction, run it from ipMonitor's Exe Alert.

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