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Tags and Quotes revisited

Here is a external process 'failure command' that works when the external process needs three arguments:

ipm2sql8.exe "News Services" 1 "Trouble"   works great on command line on the IPMonitor machine.

Here is the Failure Command Line via Tokens:

%monitortag[GroupName4Script]% %monitorstatenum%  "Trouble"

%monitortag[GroupName4Script]% would evaluate to News Services probably w/o double quotes.

 I think that the external process is actually being passed: News Services 1 "Trouble"  so the 1st and 2nd arg are News and Services instead of "News Services" and 1.  How do I force double quotes around the results of %monitortag[GroupName4Script]%  ??

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Level 13

Try this: 

"%monitortag[GroupName4Script]%" %monitorstatenum%  "Trouble"

Note: I'm assuming the GroupName4Script doesn't contain any double quotes.

If anyone is experiencing troubleshooting similar command line parameter stuff, try running notepad.exe with your command line parameters and then use Process Explorer (from Microsoft) to check out the command line.

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