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Tag help for alerting

I have a otal of about 3 days experience with IPMonitor, and have been given about 3 days to completely re-engineer our environment. 

We have all the basic hardware/service monitors set up for about 90 servers in bulk.

What I am needing to do is break them up by prod / non-prod, and have the alerts be emailed with prod / non-prod in the subject.

Lastly, the non-prod boxes only should alert during business hours, while the prod boxes need to alert 24x7.

Currently all the servers alert 24x7 with no difference in subject line as to prod or non-prod (all set the same).

I am thinking it has to do with tagging, and possibly smartfolders for each group?

If someone could at least point me in the right direction as to how they might do this, if nothing else from a 30k feet view, I can probably figure out the tech details if I get a good explanation of the process.

Thanks so much.

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Have you seen this post?  Does it provide what you want?

Rgds, Simon

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