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TCP/SSH/UDP sockets

HI, I am new to this board and new to ipMonitor, so sorry ahead of time if this information is a common request, but I didnt see anything in a simple search.


In ipMonitor, is there a way to check TCP sockets or SSH connections?  Normally, I use telnet to see if something is listening on a port, but then I have to kill connection.  Can telnet monitor be configured in the same way?  What about a SSH monitor?  Is there a UDP monitor to see if anything is flowing over a UDP socket?

If its all no for the above, does it make sense to implement this kind of funtionality in an external monitor and just call scripts on the machine that I want to monitor?



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Hey hitmanny,

There is no way to directly monitor ports. At least not that I know of.

I use the External Process monitor along with an application which is freely available for download from Microsoft called Portqry:


I schedule a task to run Portqry every so often. Ths app checks that a specified port(s) is/are open and write the result to a log file.

I've then created an external process monitor which reads the log file and looks for strings 'listening' and 'filtered', etc and alerts me accordingly.

I've used this method to monitor many connections and so far it has been very effective. give it a go...

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