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Suggestion for new report cell type

I like to see daily graphs of CPU and Memory consumption but also find it incredibly useful to see the side by side comparison so that I have an idea of if what I'm seeing is on par or out of line. To do this I have to use the Side By Side Graph cell but that also means that I have to create a data source for each individual monitor that I want to see the side by side graph for. I just went through the exercise of creating reports for 150+ devices and I could have done it in a fraction of the time if the concept of a Side By Side Multiple Graph cell type existed.

The options that exist in both the Side By Side and Multiple graphs would be present in this new type. There should also be an option to sort based on the monitor name in addition to the Low-To-High and High-To-Low options that exist today. I like to include the CPU type and total amount of memory in my graphs so I'd also like to see an option to apply a naming convention to each monitor using tokens so I could pull that in via a tag.

I'll be happy to provide a sample of the reports that I am currently using to anyone at SolarWinds so you can get a better idea of what I'm trying to accomplish.



Kendal Van Dyke 

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